Belgium - french 2016/17 - grants and loans

Country: Belgium
Date of publication: 2017
Grants - note: Approximately 20% of students receive a grant
Need-based grant (euro): min 394 - max 4821
Merit-based grant (euro): -

Student grants

Public grants in academic year 2016/17 are available for low income students. However, eligibility is restricted to students under 35 years of age upon initial registration. Students must apply for this financial benefit each year. The amount granted in 2015/16 ranged from EUR 394 to 4 821 per year depending on household income.


Loans are available via students' parents if they have at least three dependent children. Very few (less than 0.01 %) took out a loan (2014/15). The maximum interest rate is 4 %. Repayment must start six months after graduation.

Source: Eurydice, National Student Fee and Support Systems 2013/2014, 2015/2016, 2016/2017

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