Spain 2015/16 - examinations

Country: Spain
Year: 2015-2016

Examinations of the academic year

Type of programme: University tertiary education

2 weeks between the end of November and mid- December
These consist of extraordinary examination sessions which take place in December; therefore, not every student takes these exams, but only those who ask for this possibility instead of during the ordinary periods. Teaching activity is not stopped meanwhile.

About 1 month between May and mid-July, depending on whether the university conducts its extraordinary examinations in July or in September (no teaching activity during this period)

Extraordinary examinations:
3 weeks between the second week of June and the second week of July (in some universities the first two weeks of September 2016)

Type of programme: non-university tertiary education:

There are generally three periods of examinations: before Christmas holidays, before Easter holidays and before summer holidays. Schools are free to fix examination dates within those periods.

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