5. Staff and youth worker mobility

If you are a teacher or you work in an enterprise, you can teach at an institution abroad, gaining new professional perspectives, widening your networks and helping to modernise and internationalise Europe's education and training systems.

Teachers, non-teaching staff or youth workers can also followtraining abroad, including structured courses, professionally-focused language training, training events and job-shadowing,to develop new knowledge and ideas that you can put intopractice when you get home.

These activities can last from two days to two months.

How to find out more?


How to apply?

If you are interested in applying you should approach theeducational institution/organisation or youth organisation youare working for. Enterprise staff must be invited by the highereducation institution where they intend to teach.

Who is it for?

Staff and youth workers from:

  • Higher education institutions (or an enterprise)

  • Schools

  • Vocational education and training organisations

  • Adult education organisations

  • Youth organisations or other bodies active in the youth field

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