1. Erasmus+ - Introduction

Erasmus+ is a unique programme which seeks to boost the job prospects and personal development of young people, as well as help our education, training and youth systems deliver teaching and learning that gives people the skills they need in today's labour market and society, as well as in the future.

An integrated programme
Erasmus+ has 3 Key Actions:
  • Key Action 1: Learning mobility opportunities for students, doctoral candidates, trainees, young volunteers and youngsters in general, as well as teachers, trainers, lecturers and youth workers.
  • Key Action 2: The opportunity to build partnerships that drive collaboration within and between education, training and youth institutions and organisations, as well as between the worlds of education and work.
  • Key Action 3: Supporting the processes of reflection, dialogue and evidence-building needed to deliver reform in education, training and youth policies and systems.

Opportunities for all

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for:
  • Higher education and vocational students to study, train and gain work experience abroad (including mobility to and from Europe in higher education).
  • Young people to take part in transnational youth exchanges and volunteering (including to and from Europe).
  • Teachers, trainers, lecturers, administrators and youth workers to teach, train and gain new professional perspectives abroad, or to share experience (including mobility to and from Europe in higher education).
  • Education, training and youth institutions/organisations to exchange good practice in order to innovate and modernise.
  • Collaborative initiatives between higher education institutions and enterprises to strengthen the entrepreneurial potential of both staff and students, as well as to help organisations better respond to the needs of the labour market.
  • Support to improve policy making and the reform of education, training and youth systems. Collaborative projects in the field of sport.

Languages for people on the move

The better your language skills, the more you will benefit from your time abroad. Practicing different languages is an important aspect of most mobility actions. If you're a university student, volunteer or staff member staying abroad for at least two months, or a vocational learner staying abroad for at least one month, Erasmus+ offers you the chance to reinforce your knowledge of the language you will use for studying, working or volunteering.

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