The national system information sheets aim to give an overview of the public fee and support system. Information refers to public or government-dependent private higher education institutions but not to private higher education institutions. Information covers students in the first and second cycles only, while fee and support arrangements for doctoral students are not covered. Information on subsidised accommodation, transportation and canteens is also not included.

The range of fees covers both part-time and full-time students and is shown by year in Euro. Fees include all costs charged to students – including for registration, admission and certification – but do not include payments to students unions. Please note that within the text all references to costs are expressed in the national currency. Where information is converted into Euros from a national currency, the exchange rates, calculated in September 2015.

The values of fees for international students (i.e. those outside EU/EFTA/EEA – depending on national definitions) are not included. However, the text mentions whether international students pay different fees than national/EU students.
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