France 2016/17 - values of student grants

Country: France
Date of publication: 2017
Grants - note: Approximately 36 % of students receive grants
Need-based grant (euro): max 5551
Merit-based grant (euro): min/most common 900

Student grants

Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need to students (short, first and second cycle) less than 28 years of age. The annual amount awarded for need-based grants depends on an assessment of social criteria, with students classified into nine categories based on family income. All grant holders receive free tuition and a waiver from social security contributions (EUR 215). In 2016/17, the amount of the annual grant ranges from EUR 0 (for lower middle-class students who only receive a fee waiver and a waiver from social security contributions) to EUR 5 551. An additional grant amounting to annual EUR 1 009 is available for the most deprived (based on family income) lower middle-class students.

Students who receive a need-based grant can also get a complementary merit-based grant (based on school performance from the baccalauréat results) which amounts to EUR 900 per semester.

Source: Eurydice, National Student Fee and Support Systems 2013/2014, 2015/2016, 2016/2017
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