Estonia 2013/14 - values of student fees

Country: Estonia
Date of publication: 2014
Fees - first cycle (euro): min 0 - max 7200
Fees - second cycle (euro): min 0 - max 7200
Fees - note: Fees mainly charged for incomplete ECTS

National student fee

From 2013/14 enrolment higher education institutions (HEIs) in both cycles have the right to charge study fees under certain conditions. All students who manage to achieve 30 ECTS per semester and 60 ECTS per year in Estonian language curriculum can study without any fees. If student receives 29 ECTS per semester, HEIs have the right (not obligation) to charge him/her for each ECTS. In other words, any ECTS missing from 100 % study load can be charged.

Study fees are regulated by the Government.

Maximum cost of one ECTS is EUR 50. Exceptions are made in arts, medicine, veterinary, dentistry (EUR 100) and aircraft piloting (EUR 120).

Fees are not regulated for students studying in other language, for part-time students and for HEIs that do not receive state funding (private institutions).

Source: Eurydice, National Student Fee and Support Systems 2013/2014, 2015/2016, 2016/2017

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