Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016/17 - student fees and grants

Date of publication: 2017
Fees - first cycle (euro): min 48 - most common 337 - max 1023
Fees - second cycle (euro): min 225 - most common 450 - max 2045
Fees - note: All students pay administrative fees
Grants - note: About 5 % of full-time students receive merit-based public grants
Need-based grant (euro): -
Merit-based grant (euro): min 51 - most common 102 - max 409

National student fee

There are two basic types of financial status for students: budget-financed and self-financed. 50 % of full-time students at the eight public universities and two other higher education institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina are 'budget-financed students'. They are selected based on their good performance at secondary school and at the entrance exam. Their tuition fees are paid by the responsible ministry of education, but students need to pay administrative and other fees (entrance and application fees, fees for issuing diploma and diploma supplement, etc.) ranging from BAM 94 to BAM 500.

50 % of full-time students at the universities pay tuition fees. Fees vary from faculty to faculty. These students also pay both administrative and tuition fees. The minimum annual fee for self-financing students in the first cycle is BAM 440 and the maximum is BAM 1 500, plus administrative fees. The most common annual fee in the first cycle is BAM 660.

In the second cycle, annual fees range from BAM 440 to BAM 4 000. All 2nd cycle students pay tuition and administration fees.

All part-time students (40 % of all students) pay tuition and administrative fees. In the 1st cycle, annual fees range from BAM 900 to 4 500; and in the 2nd cycle from BAM 1 000 to 3 000.

There are no short cycle programmes in higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

International students may pay higher tuition fees while other expenses are the same.

Student grants

There are no need-based grants.

Responsible ministries of education at entity and cantonal level award merit-based public grants to full-time students with Bosnian and Herzegovina citizenship in public universities. The eligibility criteria include both need- and merit-based elements, such as the minimum grade obtained should be 8/10, performance (1st-3rd place) in national or international competitions, parents' income and employment status. The monthly grant ranges from BAM 100 to BAM 800 and is available for 12 months each year until graduation. Further grants for students are provided by local government.

Part-time students are not eligible to apply for state-funded grants.


There are no loans, tax benefits for parents or family allowances.

Tax benefit for student's parents

There are no loans, tax benefits for parents or family allowances.

Family allowances

There are no loans, tax benefits for parents or family allowances.

Source: Eurydice, National Student Fee and Support Systems 2013/2014, 2015/2016, 2016/2017
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