Hungary 2016/17 - student fees and grants

Country: Hungary
Date of publication: 2017
Fees - first cycle (euro): min 744 - most common 1295 - max 14241
Fees - second cycle (euro): min 971 - most common 2589 - max 10681
Fees - note: 37 % of students paid fees in 2015/16
Grants - note: 34 % of state-funded students received merit-based grant and 20 % need-based grant (Oct. 2015)
Need-based grant (euro): min 16 - most common 770 - max 3308
Merit-based grant (euro): min 39 - most common 324 - max 3237

National student fee

There are two basic types of financial status for students: state-funded students do not pay fees, and self-financed students do. State-funded places, available for both full- and part-time students, are awarded through a centralised admissions procedure primarily based on academic performance but where some weight is given to disadvantaged and disabled students. In 2015, 64.7 % of students were state-funded.

Higher education institutions (HEIs) set fees for self-financed students for the different levels and fields of study. Fees range from HUF 230 000 to 4 400 000 in the 1st cycle and from HUF 300 000 to 3 300 000 in the 2nd cycle. The fees are between HUF 300 000 and 2 700 000 in undivided master programmes. The fees vary from HUF 140 000 to HUF 400 000 for short cycle programmes.

All international (non-EU/EEA) students pay fees. Information is not available on fee-ranges.

Student grants

Need-based grants are paid for 10 months/year. Only full-time state-funded students are eligible. For students with one living parent and those under legal guardianship until the age of 18, the grant is for HUF 119 000/academic year. For multiple disadvantaged students, orphans, students supporting dependents or those from a large family, it is HUF 238 000/academic year. Disadvantaged students can also apply for the Bursa Hungarica scholarship jointly financed by municipalities and higher education institutions with an average value of HUF 25 427. Both fee paying and state subsidised students are eligible. In the autumn semester of the 2015/16 academic year, 6.4 % of all 1st and 2nd cycle students received this scholarship. One-off initial and emergency grants are also available.

Merit-based grants are available to full-time state-funded students, and a maximum of 50 % can receive this support. The minimum amount is HUF 59 500/academic year. Another merit based 'Scholarship of the Hungarian Republic' is granted to a maximum 0.8 % of state-funded students with a value of HUF 340 000/academic year.


Two government-subsidised loans are available. The first, with a maximum duration of five years (longer for subjects such as medicine), is for both state-funded and fee-paying students, and has a maximum amount of HUF 50 000/month (HUF 60 000 for certain categories of disadvantaged student) for a period of 10 months/year. 9 % of students took this loan in 2015/16. The second loan (Loan 2) can only be spent on fees. 18 % of eligible students took this loan in 2015/16. Fee-paying students can take out both loans simultaneously. Loan repayment must start four months after the end of student status, and by the age of 40, with repayment linked to personal income.

Tax benefit for student's parents

No tax benefits for parents or family allowances.

Family allowances

No tax benefits for parents or family allowances.

Source: Eurydice, National Student Fee and Support Systems 2013/2014, 2015/2016, 2016/2017
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