Greece 2016/17 - student fees and grants

Country: Greece
Date of publication: 2017
Fees - first cycle (euro): min 550 - max 1650
Fees - second cycle (euro): most common 3625 - max 12000
Fees - note: No fees in the first cycle (except the Hellenic Open University)
Grants - note: No statistical data available on the percentage of students receiving support
Need-based grant (euro): most common 2400
Merit-based grant (euro): most common 1800

National student fee

No fees for part-time or full-time students in the 1st cycle. Only students of the Hellenic Open University pay fees, which range from annual EUR 550 (maximum 3 courses per year) to EUR 1 650.

2nd cycle students pay fees, specified by higher education institutions. In few 2nd cycle programmes, students do not pay fees.

Fees for short cycle higher education programmes are set by individual higher education institutions.

International (non-EU) students do not pay fees for their 1st cycle studies.

Student grants

There are no standard scholarships. Depending on funds available from the state budget, ESIF or private funds managed by IKY (State Scholarship Foundation), a call for applications for grants is published. Awards and scholarships may be offered by higher education institutions, according to students' academic performance and financial status. Part-time students are not eligible for IKY grants.

Grant/scholarships are also offered by research institutions/non-profit/benefit foundations to first, second cycle and PhD students. Eligibility/selection criteria are age, grades (for 2nd cycle), foreign languages, work experience and socio-economic status.

The scholarships awarded by the Hellenic Open University cover the full amount or part of the student fees per academic year if a combination of economic, social and academic criteria is met by the student.


2nd students may apply for state guaranteed loans until the age of 45 and if they meet academic and socio- economic criteria. Parents' guarantee for redeeming the loan to credit institutions is requested. Interest rate may be covered by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs up to 50 % (Government Gazette 659/31-07- 1996). The terms of loan are further determined by the credit institutions. There are no statistical data on the number of students who receive loans. The legal basis for a loan for 1st cycle studies is available, but the conditions have yet to be developed.

Tax benefit for student's parents

Tax benefits: Parents of students in Greek public universities are subject to lower tax rate.

Family allowances

1st cycle students’ parents may claim annual EUR 1 000 housing allowance. Only students who do not study in their hometown are eligible, provided that their family income does not exceed EUR 30 000.

Source: Eurydice, National Student Fee and Support Systems 2013/2014, 2015/2016, 2016/2017

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