Belgium 2017/18 - examinations

Country: Belgium
Year: 2017-2018

Examinations of the academic year

Belgium - Flemish Community


3-4 weeks in January

Examinations academic year 2017/18: from Monday 8 January 2018 until Sunday 4 February 2018

Followed by one week without class between the first and the second semester

Class-free week academic year 2017/18: from Monday 5 February 2018 until Sunday 11 February 2018

Last week of May until the end of the last week of June or the 1st week of Jul

Academic year 2017/18:  from Monday 28 May 2018 until Sunday 1 or Sunday 8 July 2018 (depending on institution of  higher education)

From mid-August until the end of the third week of September

Academic year 2017/18: from Monday 20 August 2018 until Sunday 16 September 2018

Belgium - French Community

Curricular activities leading to an academic qualification in the first or second cycle are spread over the first two four-month terms in the academic year (with the exception of certain forms of assessment or professional integration activity). Each of these first two terms involves at least 12 weeks of activity and may not exceed four months. A period of assessment occurs at the end of each term.

The third term includes assessment periods (as well as professional integration or personal project activity).

Institutional autonomy

Belgium - German-speaking Community

8-12 January 2018
4-22 June 2018

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