Examinations of the academic year

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CountryExaminations of the academic year
Austria 2016/17 - examinations
Type of programme: Universities

No centrally set dates but most of examinations are carried out in January, March, June and October.

Type of programme:

Institutions are free to fix examination dates.

Belgium 2016/17 - examinations
Belgium - Flemish Community


3-4 weeks in January

Examinations academic year 2016/17:
from Monday 9 January 2017 until
Saturday 4 February 2017

Followed by one week without class between the first and the second semester

Class-free week academic year 2016/17: from Monday 6 February 2017 until Sunday 12 February 2017

From mid-August until the end of the third week of September
Academic year 2016/17: from Monday 21 August 2017 until Saturday 16 September 2017

Last week of May until the end of the last week of June or the 1st week of July

Academic year 2016/17: from Monday 29 May 2017 until Saturday 8 July 2017

Belgium - French Community

Curricular activities leading to an academic qualification in the first or second cycle are spread over the first two four-month terms in the academic year (with the exception of certain forms of assessment or professional integration activity). Each of these first two terms involves at least 12 weeks of activity and may not exceed four months. A period of assessment occurs at the end of each term.

The third term includes assessment periods (as well as professional integration or personal project activity).

Institutional autonomy

Belgium - German-speaking Community

4-8 January 2016
6-24 June 2016
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016/17 - examinations
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
8 January – 2 February 2017
1-25 April 2017
9 June – 4 July 2017
1-25 September 2017

Republic of Srpsk:
23 January – 17 February 2017
17-28 April 2017
12 June – 14 July 2017
21 August – 15 September 2017
Bulgaria 2016/17 - examinations
The examination dates are determined at institutional level, however, they are usually scheduled within the period starting from mid- January to mid-February at the latest (end of the winter semester), and within the period from mid- June to mid-July.

Students who fail to take or pass an exam on the date within the indicated period, are supposed to take/re-take the exam usually in early September.
Croatia 2016/17 - examinations
12 June – 7 July 2017
28 August – 8 September 2017
Cyprus 2016/17 - examinations
Final examinations' periods and schedule are determined by the universities themselves whereas midterm examination dates may be set by faculty or faculty and students jointly. Only final examination periods appear on the academic calendar and these occur at the end of each semester.

Final examination periods in both UCY and CUT in 2016/17 will be as follows:

9-23 December 2016 for autumn semester
8-22 May 2017 for spring semester
In OUC final examinations will take place from 19 May – 12 June 2017.
Czech Republic 2016/17 - examinations
Type of programme: ISCED 6-8:
Examination  periods  are  fixed  by institutions in the internal regulations.

Type of programme: ISCED 655:
The exact days are set by the school head in  accordance  with  the  accredited educational programme.
Denmark 2016/17 - examinations
The  universities  fix  the  dates  of examinations  autonomously,  but  generally the period of examinations are: 

Fall Semester: typically December and two-three weeks in January

Spring Semester: Mid- and end of May and two-three weeks in June

Re-examinations are mainly placed in August before the start of a new academic year.  
Estonia 2016/17 - examinations
Occur generally between 2 January and 20 January.
Finland 2016/17 - examinations
Fixed by the teachers.
France 2016/17 - examinations
Type of programme: University studies:
Examination  periods  are  entirely  at  the discretion of university managing bodies.

Type of programme: non-university studies:
Examination  periods  are  entirely  at  the discretion  of  the  managing  bodies  of institutions.
Germany 2016/17 - examinations
no data
Greece 2016/17 - examinations
Winter  semester  exams  begin approximately  in  mid-January  2017  and last for three weeks until the beginning of February 2017.

Spring  semester  exams  take  place  in June 2017 and last for three weeks.

Hungary 2016/17 - examinations
no data
Iceland 2016/17 - examinations
Institutions are autonomous.

Examinations  generally  take  place  between  2 and 20 December.

Examinations generally  take  place  between  30  April  and 31 May.
Ireland 2016/17 - examinations
Two weeks in February

For  Institutes  of  Technology,  it’s  usually  two  weeks during  May.  For  Universities,  it’s  usually  two  weeks during June.

Teachers  and  students  are  entirely  free  to  fix examination dates jointly. Each University or Institute manages this separately.
Italy 2016/17 - examinations
Examinations (first session): January – February 2017
Examinations (second session):
June – July 2017
Examinations (third sessions): September 2017
Admission tests and entrance examinations: September 2016
Latvia 2016/17 - examinations
Institutions fix periods of examinations. Usually examinations proceed after the teaching activity period and take place in January/February and June/July.
Liechtenstein 2016/17 - examinations
Examination weeks: 9-27 January 2017
Examination weeks: 12-30 June 2017
Lithuania 2016/17 - examinations
The last four weeks of each semester are allocated to examination sessions.
Luxembourg 2016/17 - examinations

16 January – 12 February 2017

12 June – 9 July 2017

Macedonia 2016/17 - examinations
9-20 January 2017
16 May – 16 June 2017
15 August – 15 September 2017
Malta 2016/17 - examinations
Type of programme: Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology:

Semester I

3 January – 27 February 2017

Semester II

6 February 2017

Type of programme: University of Malta:

Semester I

14-31 January 2017

Semester II

27 May – 30 June 2017

Montenegro 2016/17 - examinations
9 January –12 February 2017
Netherlands 2016/17 - examinations
Institutions are entirely free to fix examination dates.
Norway 2016/17 - examinations
HEIs are autonomous.
Poland 2016/17 - examinations
Institutions are autonomous.
Portugal 2016/17 - examinations
The teaching department, teachers and students are entirely free to fix examination dates jointly. Normally there are two examinations periods:
  • 1st: between the end of December and the first week of February;
  • 2nd: between the beginning of June and the end of July.
Romania 2016/17 - examinations
The examination dates are determined at institutional level. Teachers and students are free to fix the dates for examinations within the examination sessions established by institutions.
Serbia 2016/17 - examinations
HEIs determine the dates and the number of examination periods during the academic year, usually 4 to 6 periods, at the end of each semester and prior to the end of the academic year, after summer holidays.
Slovakia 2016/17 - examinations
no data
Slovenia 2016/17 - examinations
Spring examinations: 4 to 6 weeks in June and July

Autumn examinations: Around 4 weeks from mid-August to end of
Spain 2016/17 - examinations
Type of programme: University tertiary education

2 or 3 weeks between the end of November and mid-December (2).

These  consist  of  extraordinary  examination sessions  which  take  place  in  December; therefore,  not  every  student  takes  these  exams, but only those who ask for this possibility instead of during the ordinary periods. Teaching activity is not stopped meanwhile.

About 1 month between mid-May and the end of June,  depending  on  whether  the  university conducts its extraordinary examinations in July or in  September  (no  teaching  activity  during  this period).

Extraordinary examinations:
3  weeks  between  the  second  week  of  June  and the second week of July (in some universities the first two weeks of September 2017)

Type of programme: non-university tertiary education:

There  are  generally  three  periods  of examinations:  before  Christmas  holidays,  before Easter holidays and before summer holidays. Schools  are  free  to  fix  examination  dates  within those periods

Sweden 2016/17 - examinations
Fixed by the teachers
Switzerland 2016/17 - examinations
Universities and universities of teacher education fix the periods of examinations autonomously. Usually they take place within 1 to 3 weeks before the end of a semester.

At the universities of applied sciences, the examinations usually take place at the end of the teaching period. For that reason, their teaching activity period usually lasts about two weeks longer than indicated above.
Turkey 2016/17 - examinations
Each university fixes its own examination dates. The number of mid-term exams is decided either by the university senate, or by the board of each faculty. In addition to the mid-term exams, there is a final exam for each particular course at the end of each semester. The final exams generally start either right after or one week after the end of the semester. It takes 2-3 on average. Those who take classes annually take one or two midterms and a final exam a year.
United Kingdom (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) 2016/17 - examinations
no data
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