Serbia 2016/17 - academic year

Country: Serbia
Year: 2016-2017
Public holidays: 11 November 2016 (national holiday), 1-8 January 2017 (New Year’s and Christmas holidays), 15-16 February 2017 (national holiday), 14-21 April 2017 (religious holiday), 1-2 May 2017 (national holiday)

Beginning of the academic year

Beginning of October (3 October 2016)

Teaching activity and holidays of the academic year

Teaching activity (1st or fall semester): From the beginning of October (3 October) to  the  end  of  December  (30 December 2016)
Teaching activity (1st or winter semester): Usually from 9 January until the end of the semester in February (20 February 2017)
Teaching activity (2nd or spring semester): From  the  end  of  February  (20  February 2017) until the Easter holidays (mid-April)
Teaching activity (2nd or spring semester): After  Easter  holidays  until  the  end  of  the semester,  usually  until  the  end  of  May (26 May 2017)

Examinations of the academic year

HEIs determine the dates and the number of examination periods during the academic year, usually 4 to 6 periods, at the end of each semester and prior to the end of the academic year, after summer holidays.

End of the academic year

Usually 30 September

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