Portugal 2016/17 - academic year

Country: Portugal
Year: 2016-2017
Public holidays: 5 October 2016, 1 November 2016, 1 December 2016, 8 December 2016, 25 April 2017, 1 May 2017, 10 June 2016, 15 June 2017 (plus holidays at municipal level)

Beginning of the academic year

Higher education institutions (universities and polytechnic institutes) are autonomous. Generally the year begins between 15 September and 15 October.

Teaching activity and holidays of the academic year

Institutions are autonomous and fix all periods of teaching activity and holidays.

Typically, 1st semester goes from the second or third week of September to the second or third week of December; 2nd semester starts in the second week of February and ends in the end of May.

The 2nd semester has a two to four days interruption for Carnival (end of February) and a one week interruption for Easter (mid- April)

Examinations of the academic year

The teaching department, teachers and students are entirely free to fix examination dates jointly. Normally there are two examinations periods:
  • 1st: between the end of December and the first week of February;
  • 2nd: between the beginning of June and the end of July.

End of the academic year

Institutions are autonomous. The academic year generally ends on 31 July.

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