Turkey 2015/16 - academic year

Country: Turkey
Year: 2015-2016
Public holidays: 23-27 September 2015 (4.5 days – religious holiday), 28-29 October 2015 (1.5 days - Republic Day), 1 January 2016 (New Year), 23 April 2016 (Children's Day), 1 May 2016 (Labour Day), 19 May 2016 (Youth and Sport Day)

Beginning of the academic year

Universities are autonomous. The autumn semester begins generally in September or October and the spring semester in February.

Teaching activity and holidays of the academic year

Universities are free to determine their own periods of teaching activity. As a rule, each academic year is composed of two semesters which include at least 14 weeks. Universities may offer summer schools for those who fail classes during regular semesters and who would like to take classes from next academic semester.

The dates of the semester breaks are freely fixed by the universities. The duration of the semester breaks is at least 2 weeks.

Examinations of the academic year

Each university fixes its own examination dates. The number of mid-term exams is decided either by the university senate, or by the board of each faculty. In addition to the mid-term exams, there is a final exam for each particular course at the end of each semester. The final exams generally start either right after or one week after the end of the semester. It takes 2-3 on average. Those who take classes annually take one or two midterms and a final exam a year.

End of the academic year

Universities are autonomous. Generally autumn semester ends in December and the spring semester in May or June. Summer semesters last from the end of June until mid-August.

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